I went to a thrift shop and found cotton batting for pennies. I filled a spray bottle with washable paint and water and sprayed the batting to look like cotton candy. The batting had to dry for a day before I could put the Cotton Candy Homemade Halloween Costume together.

I used packing tape rolled into pieces with the sticky side out to tape it onto a clear plastic garbage bag. I cut holes out for arms and legs and then I put another clear bag over it with matching holes for the arms and legs. I carefully taped the leg and arm holes together with the packing tape so both bags stayed together. I then folded the top of the bags down and cut small slits at 2″ intervals.

Then I wove colored ribbon in and out of the slits so I could close the costume by tying a bow at the neck. I found scrap book embellishments at a craft store that said “sweet” to apply to the front of the costume as well as velum star stickers to make it look like a cotton candy bag.

To top off the cotton candy costume I sprayed a cotton candy scented body spray on the bag for an extra special effect!