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Coolest Cotton Candy Costume

Here is the How To for one large cotton candy on a paper cone costume!


One Roll Clear Cellophane Wrapping ($2.99)
One Yard Pink Felt ($2.50yrd.)
One White Poster Board ($.50)
Clear Packing Tape ($2.99)
Arm Length or White Ribbon ($1)
Tissue Paper

Spray adhesive to glue Logo to bag
Scanner/Copier/Printer to make Logo


1) Make the Logo for Bag:

Scan in Bag Art, Enlarge on Printer/Copier, Print, Cut out along design.

2) Making the Bag:

Cut two lengths of Cellophane approx. 4 feet A and B
Apply spray glue to front side of Logo print out, apply halfway up length A of Cellophane. (This will keep the logo inside the bag, and away from the elements.)
Flip cellophane sheet A so logo is now up, lay on top of B and tape long sides using Packing tape. Leave top and bottom edges open; you will now have a cellophane tube.

3) Making the Cotton Candy:

Fold length of felt in half, cut 1/2 circle on fold to create the neck hole.

TIP: Brush the felt, that’s right, take out that hairbrush and brush away, it becomes so cotton candy looking you’ll want to eat it up!

Clean brush to have clumps of candy, you’ll use these later to stuff costume.

4) Making the Cone:

Roll sheet of Poster Board, secure with packing tape. Use bobby pins to keep it on.

5) Putting it all together:

Put felt over head.
Slide cellophane tube on.
Carefully cut arm holes, reinforce with packing tape.
Tie ribbon loosely around neck.
From the bottom, gently stuff tissue paper between felt and clothing to Poof the candy.
Once desired poof is achieved, tuck ends of felt up and tape between legs.
I added extra packing tape in places that looked like they needed it, mostly bottom and arms.
Pin Cone hat on.

Lastly, Have a good time!

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