To make this costume I started with the cottom candy tutu. I bought light pink and light blue tulle. I first bought 3 yards of each color but has to go back for 2 more yards of each. I probably wouldn’t have needed so much tulle if I didn’t want the tutu to be so big and puffy. I just cut the tulle in strips and tied on to elastic alternating colors. I then bought a bag of polyester. I had the intention of buying cotton but it was a lot more expensive so I decided on the polyester. I bought light pink and blue spray paint and spray painted balls of the cotton and hot glued some to the skirt and some to a pink pair of shoes I already owned. I also made a headband out of the painted polyester and made a cone out of paper and glued it on the a regular white headband. I already owned the cotton candy blue shirt I wore with it and paired it with a white pair of leggings. When I thought I was done for my costume I found the perfect wig to complete it! I also did my make up with cotton candy colora of course! I ended up spending a little more on the costume than I wanted to, but it was cheaper and better than buying one for sure!