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Creative Play on Words Bud Lightyear Costume

This Bud Lightyear costume was such an easy costume to make.

  • I already had a Bud Light shirt that I cut, but you can just tape a Bud Light symbol onto your chest too.
  • I bought Buzz Lightyear inflatable wings at a costume store for $10.
  • I used purple and green duct tape, and at least two or three Bud Light boxes to create the other costume accessories.

The costume was something that I had never seen anybody do before. We thought that collecting as many Bud Light boxes as needed for myself and my roommates to each make a costume would be difficult, but the students on the UConn College Campus did not let us down.

We went to a pretty small bar on Halloween night. We thought that everyone there would be irritated with our giant blow up wings in such a crowded space, but everyone thought that it was so fun and original that they were not mad at all. We even got a few free drinks out of it!

I would definitely recommend this costume to anyone else to wear for next year!


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