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Creative, Cute and a Little Sexy Girl’s Buzz Lightyear Costume

I have always wanted to do a buzz lightyear costume so this year I went for it and I am sooo glad I did, unfortunately without my woody :/. Everyone LOVED my costume, I didn’t want to take it off! I was at a huge apartment complex near Arizona State University and so many random people outside and on the elevators told me they loved it!

I started by doing research online for all the right things. First I went on Amazon and found a green and purple tutu for around $10. Under the tutu I wore white boy shorts that I had from target. Then I looked for a neon green bra, this might take some research and good luck. I found one on kohl’s website, the brand was Candies, but they didn’t have my size. Thanks to ebay I found a brand new one in my size for $10, which was about $15 cheaper than in stores. The jetpack/wings were easy, I also bought those on Amazon for $10. They are kids blow up ones and you can purchase them at party city or spirit store, maybe even target or walmart (I just tend to find things a lot cheaper on amazon or ebay, so MAKE SURE your preparing early enough to order online). As for the boots, I had an off brand of Uggs that I made into “space boots.”

Making the Bra:

First I went to Michaels and bought some supplies:

  • Purple Fabric Paint (roughly $3)
  • One sheet of red, blue, darker green and yellow felt (29 cents each)
  • Super glue
  • Neon Green duct tape($5)

I painted the wiring of the bra purple, basically out lining it, all the way around the back too. I had to do about four layers so green wasn’t showing under it. I wanted to do the straps purple but one of mine was messed up so I didn’t, although I do recommend it. I then used paper to see what size I wanted my buttons and then traced them onto the felt with sharpie and cut them out. You need a blue button, green button and a red button that are small all rectangles. I then used the bottom of something circular to trace onto the red felt for the other side of the bra. You need a large yellow rectangle too above the circle button. After I cut the yellow one I traced the outside with sharpie and fit LIGHTYEAR in it. I then laid them all out on the bra, found the perfect spots and glued them on. For the space ranger button I went on google and searched “buzz lightyear space ranger badge”, I found the one I liked the most and put it on Word and stretched out so it would be more rectangular. I printed it, cut it and glued it about the three little buttons.

Making the Boots:

For these all I needed was the “ugg like” boots, a white sheet, green duct tape, super glue and safety pins. I cut the white sheet to fit the top half of the boot and safety pinned it to the inside of the boot. I then duct taped around the top. To keep the sheet to stay together on the back of the boot, I super glued it together all the way to the bottom. I then cut another piece to fit the foot part. Around the ankle I found it easier to cut a V and then fold a little under. I first taped around the bottom and then around the ankle. I added a little extra on the side to make it look better. I also put a piece around the toe like buzz’s. IMPORTANT: when putting tape around the ankle and the toe MAKE SURE it is lose enough. Maybe even do it while the boot is on you. I made this mistake and had to redo my boot. It was very tight and also made the sheet look very bulgy and not good at all! I am a little bit of a perfectionist so I had to make mine perfect.

The only thing missing from my costume were buzz lightyear’s gloves. I actually went to the spirit store and tried them on but they were WAY too small, since they only come in child size. If they do fit though it would be a nice addition!

Creative, Cute and a Little Sexy Girl's Buzz Lightyear Costume

Creative, Cute and a Little Sexy Girl's Buzz Lightyear Costume

Creative, Cute and a Little Sexy Girl's Buzz Lightyear Costume

Creative, Cute and a Little Sexy Girl's Buzz Lightyear Costume

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