I really wanted to be some sort of character from my childhood favorite movies, video games, etc. I decided on a sexy Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume, even though I didn’t have a Woody (though it didn’t even matter). There was no way I was going to buy a $60+ costume and I knew I could get pretty creative with it.

What I used:

purple metallic spandex/ hot shorts: I ran track for my college so I have a thousand pairs in various colors. Although Buzz has white pants, I thought the purple was more fun and my own take.

white corset: I used a white corset to add a little more sex appeal, but any cute white cami or tank top would work too.

white gloves: the gloves I chose were $3 power ranger gloves (because they fit better than the princess style ones) and I just colored it with sharpies. I know that some Halloween stores actually carry the gloves as an accessory, but they’re around $12 vs. plain gloves or cheaper ones that you could design yourself.

wings: I chose to purchase inflatable wings that you simply blow up. They were around $7 and a lot of fun to wear. It beats wearing something heavy attached to your back.

felt & sharpies of various colors: for the logo, chest piece, gloves, etc

purple headband: opposed to making and wearing Buzz’s purple hood; bought from the Dollar store.

white stockings/socks: optional too

So basically I just cut fabric and colored it to make it look like Buzz’s chest piece and safety pinned it to my corset. I colored the gloves with sharpies to have the buttons and stripes. I had originally bought white tights/stockings to wear underneath, but they were too hot to wear, so I just stuck with my metallic spandex. I did choose heels that had white straps though. The purple headband matches Buzz’s purple hood. Of course, I added the finishing touch of writing “ANDY” (backwards N of course), on the bottom of my shoe.

And voila, a DIY Sexy Buzz Lightyear costume for cheap! I hope you all enjoy and this can help make your own creation!