The main construction of the Buzz Lightyear costume is in a garbage can turned upside down. I then marked up the garbage with the desired shape.  Once that was done I proceeded to cut the shape out.

I cut out holes on the sides for my arms and a hole on the bottom for my head to  fit. Then  I cut the middle to look like the jet pack. I then bought a white vinyl gutter to make to columns on the back of the trash can for the jet pack appearance and attached them with plastic push pins (the ones they use on automobiles). Then I painted it white with crayon vinyl paint. Let dry for two days.

I took pipe foam wraps and lined the openings for my arms on the side of trash can. I bought thin foam from a craft store along with spray adhesive. The foam comes in different colors, so I matched them to the pictures of Buzz. Then I cut the different colors to match on where they needed to be placed on the trash can.  I taped them in place as I cut them out to see how it looks. Make adjustments if needed.  Once all shapes where cut out, I sprayed adhesive and placed to the trash can permanently.


I bought a white laundry basket and cut the sides off.  I then marked up them with the desired shape, again once that was done, cut them out. I then used foam again cut into the shapes required and for the colors on the wings. I used red duct tape as well on them. I attached the wings to the trash can with plastic bolts and nuts to allow easy removal for storage and to transport. The gloves and purple hood I found at a costume store.

I had a pair of white tennis shoes of my own. And I also purchased a pair of white baseball pants and under armor long sleeve shirt from MCSPORTS to complete my costume.