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50+ Awesome Homemade Buzz Lightyear Costumes

Go to infinity and beyond this Halloween with this out-of-this-world collection of DIY Buzz Lightyear costumes. If your ship has crash landed in this section, you are in luck. You will find beautifully crafted, homemade costumes. In addition, each costume here comes with it’s own unique point of view. First of all, not all Buzz Lightyears here are male. Even more so, not all of them are clothed in a traditional space suit. Stretch your imagination with astronauts in tutus, shorts or skirts. Furthermore, there are incredible step by step instructions to guide you. Whichever version of Buzz appeals to you, you will confidently learn how to create your own space invader costume. So if you still don’t have a costume, it’s no intergalactic emergency. Just set your laser to stun and get ready to be amazed by these awesome DIY Buzz Lightyear costumes!

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