DIY Bud-Light Year Costume

This costume was very cost-effective and easy to make!  I already had black workout shorts and a green tank top to use for this costume.  On the tank top I drew the bud light logo in the center and wrote year underneath it.  On the top left I drew the red circle button that is on buzz’s suit.  On the top right I drew the 3 colored buttons that are on buzz’s suit.  Next on the bottom left I drew the spaceranger logo that is normally in the center of buzz’s suit.

I ended up buying a childs sized buzz lightyear blow up jet pack from spirit halloween.  This was about $10.  I borrowed suspenders from my brother and also used some duct tape to keep the wings on all night.

I bought a 12-pack of budlight cans and used the box to create shin-guards.  I used green duct tape to keep them on my legs.

I wore a neon green hat, green socks, and sneakers to finish off the cosutme.  I of course drank bud light all night :)

Overall, this costume got a lot of great reactions from people – it even got me a free drink (bud light of course) at 2 bars! A lot of people wanted to take a picture of my costume and a lot of people ended up buying me a bud light.

DIY Bud-Light Year Costume

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