This year I went as a Charms Blow Pop for Halloween.  I have been making costumes since 2004 and this was simply one of the easiest costumes I had ever made. It came together quickly with minimum mess.  Each year my friends eagerly await my costume unveiling.  I refrain from telling them and give them little clues and hints throughout the creating process. I loved all the guesses that I received, but no one was able to correctly guess my costume, so it remained a surprise until our annual Halloween party. It was a big hit and everyone wanted to try it on :-)

Steps to Creating the Charms Blow Pop Costume:

1) Paper Mache three layers onto a large balloon creating a ball. Once it gets dry, paint the entire balloon white. Pop the balloon, remove, and cut a hole in bottom of costume to fit your head and for it to rest comfortably on your shoulders.

2) To create the wrapper top, cut a small piece of a white plastic tablecloth and hot glue the bottom edge to the top of the ball and twist the rest around to form a closed wrapper look. Secure the twisted plastic tablecloth with hot glue to keep the form.

3) Use small square white foam pads from a craft store and paint 5 of them red and 1 blue. You will need 9 white foam pads total, leaving 4 of them white.

4) Use large sticker letters , center them and spell out the word CHARMS on to the blue foam pad, the word CHERRY on two of the red foam pads, and Artificially Flavored on one of the red foam pads. Use a bit smaller letters for Artificially Flavored.

5) Cut the letters to the words BLOW POP out of the remaining 4 white foam pads, outline them with blue paint and hot glue gun to the two remaining red foam pads.

6) Next, round the corners of all the foam pads with scissors. Then center them and hot glue them to the ball.

7) Next, outline the foam pads with either red or blue and finish with painting a rounded top and bottom to finish the brand logo making it look like a Charms Blow Pop.

8) Finally, paint red, blue, and yellow circles and stripes on the remaining part of the costume to create the full look of a Charms Blow Pop wrapper

9) Finish and complete the costume with white or cream colored shirt, pants, gloves, socks, and shoes.

Many people ask how I managed to see out of the costume. Very carefully. I cut small holes and painted the edge of the holes red to blend in between the bottom part of the word CHERRY and top part of the words Artificially Flavored. Also you may want to use Velcro on the bottom of the costume and your shirt to secure it to your body better.