The Pop Can Clan group costume was made in 2011 by myself; Kaela. Our high school was holding their annual Halloween Costume Fashion Show, and I wanted to make my friends and I something that would not only win, but be remembered by classmates and friends for being super creative and home-made! When we decided to be pop cans, the entire costume making process took off. To make your own pop can costume, follow the steps below!

1 – Find a piece of fabric stretchy enough in whichever color of pop can you want to be.

2 – Measure this fabric around your body and sew together (you want it to be somewhat snug so the tube dress will stay up! It will stretch, so it’s better to make it smaller than bigger).

3 – At this point, you will essentially have a tube dress that you can pull over your head. You can sew in a zipper if you’d like, or buy a pre-made plain colored tube dress from a store.

-> By making the dress yourself, it gives it less shape (which is good in the case where you want to look like a pop can.)

4 – Print out your pop can off of the internet and draw an outline of the logo onto your dress.

5 – Paint the outline with the proper colors using any type of paint (fabric paint will crack less when worn.)

6 – To make the pop can tab headbands – cut out the shape of a tab from cardboard, spray-paint it silver, and either use a hot-glue gun to fasten it to a headband, or use bobby pins to pin it into your hair.

7 – Finish the costume off with a pair of tennis shoes that match the color of your pop can!