We have watched the Bud Light and Golden Wheat commercials on ESPN for a long long time. This year when we were discussing what costumes we were going to do we thought about it for a while. I like to make costumes rather than buy them and I was looking online at ideas for homemade costumes. However the one that we always came back to was the Bud Light and Golden Wheat.

This Homemade Bud Light and Golden Wheat Couple Costume was a perfect idea because we are in college and we always have a ton of parties to go to and we were very excited to show them off we also only drink Bud Light. I got almost everything for the costume at Hobby Lobby and a few things at Walmart. The Bud Light bottle was made of brown fabric and puffy paint. I made every inch of the logo front and back. The wheat was a little harder, we live in Michigan so on Halloween it is colder so I could not just wear wheat. I decided to make a skirt and wear a shirt. The skirt is made of all wheat and the ribbon around it like in the commercials.

I tried to do everything as close to the commercials as possible. Hope you enjoy our costume! We had a blast and Halloween this year was the BEST!