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Coolest Homemade Frosted Mini Wheat Costume

I sprayed fabric that was light-brown in color to two pieces of foam that were the front and back pieces. I then took some raffia (I ended up buying 6 bags) and used Elmer’s spray glue to attach it to the foam pieces. I wish I attached the raffia more neatly like horizontally, instead of just bunching it up and gluing it on there.

The Elmer’s spray glue was not strong enough to hold the raffia to the foam pieces. I had to back to the craft store to buy a heavy duty adhesive. I also first used spray snow for the frosting. That wanted to come off, so I ended up using white spray paint. If I had more time and thought through it more quickly, I wish I used like paper mache or something to give the frosting more depth and texture. I thought last minute of using some sort of sealer for my costume to protect it.

I went into home depot, and an employee told me I should buy a spray protective coating, anyways, that didn’t do what I had in mind. I glued the two foam pieces together with hot glue and left spaces for arm holes. However, I wish I put them together using a different method because the hot glue wasn’t strong enough. By the end of the night, the raffia started falling off ( I also glued real frosted mini wheat to a bracelet and necklace and wore those. They are not shown in the picture. I had a last minute idea of making a purse out of a mini wheat box, but couldn’t come up with a solution of how I would actually make it

On the night of Halloween, I thought of a different way I could’ve been a Homemade Frosted Mini Wheat Costume that would’ve been a lot easier to move around in. I could have found a dress that was similar in color to a mini wheat, like pale brown, and then attached some raffia to the front, and then spray some white spray paint for the frosting. I then could’ve used the same jewelry with the real mini wheat and made a purse from the box.

But I did get a lot of compliments though. When I was walking around outside at night, a lot of people thought I was a haystack!

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