This costume was thought of after a long couple of weeks searching the internet for something that we could be that would be creative, fun, and we could DIY. We used a lot of polyfil to stuff the lime and to create the beer foam on my dress.

By the end of the night, the polyfil (beer foam) was coming off or (settling down) and my shoes that I painted yellow were staining my feet. It was a hit though!

The lime is created with a lime green blanket that was cut and stuffed with cardboard and polfil to look like lime and then sewed back together. Dark green felt was glued on, with white out being the lines on the lime. Then we went over the lines with glow in the dark paint to make it glow, and pinned a black satin sash on so he could wear it.

The corona is a yellow dress with the polyfil glued on the top. The Corona label was printed onto transfer paper, and then ironed onto a white fabric that was then double-sided taped onto my dress. The hat is a styrofoam circle that is chipped with a knife to look like a beer cap, painted yellow and glittered (just like the off white flats) and then a Corona label was attached.