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Homemade Winnie Costume from Hocus Pocus

My 7 year old loves Hocus Pocus. Who doesn’t right?  This was my childhood fav movie in October. And I was very happy and excited to hear my daughter wanted to be Winnie OMG I was ecstatic..  I looked online for costumes but was very sad I couldn’t afford it. Since I recently lost my job and my husband was the only one working.. Oh but being the Halloween nut that I am I couldn’t let that stop me from making my daughters day by making her Winnie Sanderson for Halloween..  so I decided to make her one. 

I went digging around my old costumes and saw a old adult…. I think it was princess dress.. IDK. Lol it was green so I thought perfect this is my base. Haha haha..  anyway it was adult so it was super big on my kid so I altered it took old purple fabric and sowed the middle as you can see in pic.. not perfect but hey made my dauther super excited to see it coming together.  After that a Ariel wig hahaha. hey worked awesome. After her I decided to hit the goodwills and find more things I can use for me and my oldest daughter..mean you can’t only have one of the Sanderson sisters

Book…. o yes the book air dry clay and mod pod.

Took time and a lot of imagination but I’m super proud of how it turned out. And my daughter. .. o boy she wore that costume for days….  hope you guys like it…as much as we do.

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