Nicole as Winifred Sanderson. I have loved the movie “Hocus Pocus” since I was a little kid and the first year I was able to host my own Halloween Party I knew this had to be my costume!  There aren’t any premade costumes out there so I had to get creative and piece it together!

I started out by searching for Renaissance dresses for the base of the costume.. They can be quite pricey and there isn’t one made solely for Hocus Pocus. Once I found a reasonably priced one in purple I bought it online. I then took a green cape and attached it around the neck (though a green robe could work as well!). To achieve Winnie’s hair I actually used 2 small Dixie cups and Bobbi pinned them under my hair, and then wrapped my hair around each one and pinned and hair sprayed it to stay in place (trial and error).

Then I got red color hairspray (if you don’t mind spending 2 weeks washing that caked on mess out of your hair, go for it, otherwise I’d recommend a wig!  Don’t forget the bright red lipstick just in the center of the lips, and some rosy cheeks!