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Coolest DIY Hocus Pocus Group Costume

This is me and my two daughters in our Hocus Pocus group costume.  It’s funny we all kind of resemble a Sanderson sister, and my youngest looks eerily like Sarah Jessica-Parker in the right makeup.

Hocus Pocus Group Costume: Winnie

Green panne velvet under dress with large draping sleeves and a strip of purple down the middle of the front.  I don’t use patterns, its just an A-line dress. So, I hand painted the spells and snakes motif on the sleeves with gold glitter acrylic paint.  Then, over dress is a green crepe, it laces up the front.  I added gold glitter “spells” to the hem.  We found the red fishnet gloves at Saver’s.  The wig is a Disney Store Queen of Hearts wig that had a foam crown, so I cut the crown off.  We bought it used on a local resell site.

The green velvet cape is hand made, the clasp can be found at any sewing store.  Its just a semi circle made from 3 pieces.  In addition, we found black/white striped socks at the dollar store and witch shoes in the thrift store.  The make-up makes the biggest impact.


Made of a fake book, it is a book-shaped “safe” for hiding goods in your book shelf.  I figured later I could have just used a regular book, like a text book or something.  I added the stitches and ridges with puff paint, doesn’t matter the color.  Then, spray paint the book using three different “leather” texture spray paints and add black stitches with more puff paint.  I found some metal “findings” on eBay that were snake themed.  Just little metal snakes – two for corners and two make the snakes near the spine.  The eye is a button magnet I found on eBay.

There were a set of magnets made from Disney characters and one of them was Mike Wizowski’s eye.  I took the bottom off the magnet, glued it to the book and put two pieces of painted suede-like fabric over for lids.  Another oval-shaped metal “finding” from ebay finished it.  We used it to trick or treat and keep our money and stuff in.

Hocus Pocus Group Costume: Sarah

Sarah’s skirt is made from two different dresses we found at a thrift store, cut up, sewn into a layered skirt.  We found the lace undershirt at the Thrift Store also and found the corset on eBay.  Red fishnets and witch shoes, and another hand made purple cloak, and again, the make-up made the character.  Pay close attention to the photos and the make-up job.

Hocus Pocus Group Costume: Mary

The undershirt is a simple peasant shirt sewn from muslin and hand dyed orange/yellow.  The corset was also eBay but the hanging circles are drapery rings that have clips, I clipped them on upside down. The skirt is a simple plaid cotton circle skirt.  The apron is a remnant of a mesh/net fabric we found at the fabric store in clearance.  I added a pocket from an old shirt and it attaches with safety pins.  In addition, I dyed my hair brown and bought a cheap purple wig and cut pieces out of it and wove the pieces into my hair.  There is a foam cone in the middle, I put a pony tail around the cone,then wove loose pieces of hair around it to make the spiral shape.

Hocus Pocus Group Costume: Billy

My husband was Billy for the night only cause he worked.  He wore white knees socks.  I found a suit at the thrift store and altered it.  I cut the bottom of the pants off and made knickers.  Then I brought the waist of the coat in and added lace to the sleeves.  I found a polo shirt, sewed lace down the front and a pearl button to make it look like feminine and colonial. Then I spray painted age and dirt onto it and glued some of the cottony spider webbing.  The wig is an 80’s “Joe Dirt” mullet wig.  I tied the mullet into a pony tail and spray painted it so it looked gross and dirty.  Its just gray and brown spray paint.

Hocus Pocus Group Costume Reactions

We went around all day to stores and the mall and we went Trick-or-Treating and were kind of celebrities.  People were taking selfies with us and following us around, it was a blast.  I hope one day we can do this Hocus Pocus group costume again before my kids get too old to want to Halloween with me!


hocus pocus group costume

hocus pocus group costume

hocus pocus group costume

hocus pocus group costume

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