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DIY Cute Group Costume Idea – The Sanderson Sisters

Inspiration for our Cute Group Costume Idea

Last Halloween, my family and I were watching my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, and I knew that had to be our next costumes for a cute group costume idea.  In high school and my early 20’s I didn’t get into Halloween until I realized I was missing out on all of the fun.  I made my first costume that year, and that is how my love of Halloween was born.  I love trying to outdo the previous years and getting to be a different person for one day.  Oh, and winning work costume parties is pretty cool too.  One thing I have learned is it’s all about the details of the costume.  I love wowing people and it feels like a success when you walk into a room and even the biggest Halloween scrooge loves it.

I started brainstorming right after the movie was over (well, in the middle to be perfectly honest) and was well on my way before the end of the night.  Throughout the year I started ordering pieces and slowly putting it together.  It was good I had a lot of time, because this cute group costume idea was a lot of work.

Cute Group Costume Idea: Hocus Pocus Costumes

Winifred’s Costume

For Winifred (me) I got a dress from amazon and embellished it with buttons and ribbon.  Then I took a green cape and turned the hood into a high neck with cardboard and used glue to keep it together. I used sparkly, gold puff paint to add moons and stars and other details around the cape.  I got a red wig and fixed it according to her style.  Then, I made her jewelry from purchases I made on eBay and combining them until I got exactly what I wanted.  Next I added red lips, white pointy fingernails and buck teeth.

I also removed my eyebrows because Winifred doesn’t have any (again, details people!).  To do that I used a glue stick and glued my eyebrows down in both directions, making sure it was secure.  Then I covered it with face powder.  I did that process a few times.  Then I added liquid makeup and alternated with face powder until I was satisfied.

I was glad I did a run through before the big day to figure this part out.  It went good in the end, but it took a while to reach the success I wanted.  I, of course, had to have the spell book, but didn’t want to pay the price I found online, so I decided to make my own.  I took a faux book that I found fairly cheap on amazon, that was brown and had details etched in it and could pass for the stitching.  Then I got some polymer clay and created my snakes and eye (added paint) and put the whole thing together for about $15.  Add a broom to the costume, and voila!

Sarah’s Costume

For Sarah, I got a pink tank top and added pink puff paint to add some pop.  This was the second attempt at the shirt in efforts to please my sister.  The first attempt I used a corset and a cami underneath it. It was too busty.  Then after I got the new pink tank top, she thought it was too boring.  Hence the puff paint.  Then I took an old sheer shirt and cut off the sleeves.  I sewed them into the tank top.  Then I add purple fabric to make the skirt super flouncy.  It sounds simple, but it literally took 3 tries before I got it right (again, the sister).  I got a wine colored bohemian skirt and added a purple cape.  Her makeup was white face powder, wine red lips, a mole and dark eyebrows. I added a blond wig and our witch seductress was complete.

Mary’s Costume

For Mary, I got a shirt and dyed it orange.  Then I took a burgundy tank top and sewed on gold rings that I made out of clip-on earrings.  I got a black plaid skirt and then found some wonderful fabric on amazon.  I put some purple pockets on it, then attached both to the skirt.  Also, I added some jewelry and a burgundy cape.

Then for the tricky part: That hair!  I purchased a black wig with purple streaks and then took a small cup (short, but not small around) I shoved some thick wire through (it has to be thick) and glued and taped it until it stuck.  Then I stuffed a washcloth in the cup for stability.  I tried it without it.  It didn’t work.  I attached it to the wig with bobby pins and a lot of them.  Then I molded it and formed it around the cup and wire.  It took quite a while and lots of hairspray, but the finished result was better than I hoped for.  And even better, was the cost.  Online the official wigs are well over $100.  My little number was about $15, and I couldn’t be happier.  Add one vacuum for convenient travel, and Mary is good to go.

For the finishing touch on our cute group costume idea, I also got a black hoodie for puppies and added cat ears and a tail to turn my cat hating pooch into our black cat (poor thing).

Reactions to our Cute Group Costume Idea

The reactions are definitely my favorite part of the whole experience and this year didn’t disappoint.  My sister invited me to a costume party and I thought it would be fun to go.  Unfortunately, my “sisters” caused us to be fashionably late.  When we got there and my sister got to the door I heard her say to the person who answered, “Wait, this isn’t a costume party?”  I freaked out!  I am kind of shy (which is why I love the whole dressing up thing.) Yes, we went to a costume party that in fact wasn’t a costume party.

My cousin’s response as she strutted toward the stairs was, “It is now!”.  I, of course, had to follow, because what are the Sanderson sisters without their Winifred?  So, we walked up the stairs into this room full of probably 30 people hanging out and everyone turns and stares and is silent for a few seconds.  Then everyone breaks out in applause and cheers.  We were the most popular people in the room. Everyone wanted to take their pictures with us and kept saying, “Best Costume Ever!”  (Their words, not mine ;) ) It was seriously the best not-a-costume-party ever!

Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

And now another year is in the books and it was so much fun!  It’s on to next year . . . and I just have to figure out what I am going to be.  I think there’s still time! (:

cute group costume idea

cute group costume idea

cute group costume idea

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