We put a spell on you!

Left to right we have Mary Sanderson (Caitlin), Winifred Sanderson (Danielle) and Sarah Sanderson (Katie). Lifelong fans of Hocus Pocus, we finally pulled the trigger and got a head start on our bewitching transformations two months before Halloween. After countless trips to Goodwill, Savers and Michaels, we began assembling our costumes. Mary Sanderson’s costume is made from tablecloths and a hand dyed peasant top. Although she’s a natural blonde with glasses, Caitlin fully committed and even dyed her hair black and bought special contacts for the night. Danielle’s grandmother helped with the purple dress for Winifred and Danielle hand painted and embellished all of the gold detailing on the green velvet cloak. Sarah Sanderson’s skirt was a combination of a repurposed bridesmaid dress and tablecloth sewn together. She also carried around a fake spider and a lucky rat tail. And yes, we made those facial expressions all night long! Party-goers ages 10-50+ loved our costumes as their favorite Halloween movie characters. We were taking pictures with “fans” all night and won PowerplantLIVE’s group costume contest! While we knew we wanted the costumes to be as accurate to the characters as possible, even we were surprised how similar our final product ended up, friends and family didn’t even recognize us! Halloween is our favorite holiday and we are not committed to brainstorming an even better costume for next year! Happy Halloween!