The superhero costumes are semi-homemade.  The Superman shirt, Wonder Woman shirt, red wig, and Wonder Woman skirt were already owned by the people wearing them.

Wonder Woman

  • The Wonder Woman headband was made using gold fabric, a piece of carboard and a stretchy headband.
  • Cut the cardboard into the shape of the Wonder Woman logo and then wrap the gold fabric around it and hot glue it in place.
  • Use a short piece of rope to create a lasso.


  • The Batman mask was made from a full black mask and then cut into the shape of batman.
  • The Batman shirt was made using a black shirt.
  • A circle was then cut from a yellow shirt.
  • Another black shirt was used to create the Batman shape.
  • Then the yellow background and black Batman logo were hot glued onto the original black shirt.

Poison Ivy

  • The Poison Ivy outfit was made by gluing ivy leaves from a craft store onto a green tank top.
  • The arm bands were white fishnet stockings that were colored green and then adorned with ivy.

The Joker

  • The Joker outfit was created using green pants and a green shirt.
  • The question marks are just iron on letters and when those ran out, a sharpie was used.
  • Purple gloves and the hat came from the Dollar Tree.
  • The hat was spray painted green and the purple band was hot glued on.

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