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Easy No-Sew DIY Bees Group Costume

This one was especially fun to make because it was so easy.  For each one, just use a plain black shirt.  Because you’re using duct tape, you can actually use a shirt you already have in your closet.  Take plain regular yellow duct tape and run it around each shirt.  Remember, if the shirt is really baggy, you can run the duct tap around the body in one piece but if the shirt runs small or is stretch (like a tight black tank top) you will want to leave a gap down at least one side of the shirt or preferably both (ie use two piece of duct tape and leave a gap on both sides).  This will allow you to actually put the shirt on and be comfortable in it.

For the wing we used metal coat hangers that are bent into ovals.  Cover them with pantyhoe stocking sock thingies then hot glue them to a piece of felt in the middle.  Attach piece of elastic to the felt so that you can wear them. There are several tutorials online that can help clarify this process.

For the beekeeper, we found the hat at the dollar tree and then used those mesh bags (also from the dollar tree) used in the washing machine usually to protect bras and panties.  Just cut one of those down the seam and hot glue it to the hat.

The person in camo shorts is normally on our team but was injured but we included him too! And yes, we did play an entire game wearing the wings!

You can read about our special volleyball group costuming tradition on my Author page…

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