Cute Bee-Themed Family Costume

Cute Bee-Themed Family Costume

We decided to be a Bee family for Halloween this year with my son as the bee, mom as the bee-hive and dad as the beekeeper. My son’s name starts with a B so we often refer to him by his first initial so it seemed quite fitting! To make my son’s costume, we found … Read more

Punniest Bar-Bee Doll Costume

Punniest Bar-Bee Doll Costume

After a few visits to the local costume stores, with nothing jumping out at me, I decided I wanted a unique and witty costume for this year. After thinking back to childhood Halloweens and childhood toys, I was blinded by the idea light bulb of a Barbie doll, with an adult twist! I started with … Read more

Easy No-Sew DIY Bees Group Costume

This one was especially fun to make because it was so easy.  For each one, just use a plain black shirt.  Because you’re using duct tape, you can actually use a shirt you already have in your closet.  Take plain regular yellow duct tape and run it around each shirt.  Remember, if the shirt is … Read more

Homemade Zom-Bee Costume

My costume was inspired by a submission I saw on this website. I used black elastic and tied black and yellow strips of tulle to create the skirt. I used black and yellow t-shirts and shredded the black shirt to create a striped bee/ragged zombie look. The striped tights, wings, and antennae were store bought. … Read more

Handmade Family of Bees Costumes

Handmade Family of Bees Costumes

This is one is one of my favorite costumes becouse I got to be a bee with my kids. These photos were taken before I got into digital era ;) LOL little bee How To Make Wings The most famous part of this costume are wings, at least for me. These were very first wings … Read more

Original Last-Minute Couple Costume: Bee Keeper and Bee!

Original Last-Minute Couple Costume: Bee Keeper and Bee!

After thinking up the Bee Keeper and Bee costume, we spent only a few hours and about $10 putting the plan in action. Bee Keeper costume included 1 $5 painter’s coveralls from Home Depot, a borrowed safari-like hat and some fabric that mimicked mosquito netting from Wal-Mart. The bee costume was a bit more difficult. I … Read more

Last-Minute ZomBee Halloween Costume

Last-Minute ZomBee Halloween Costume

I love to play on words!  I found a bee costume at the thrift store, it was missing parts so it was really inexpensive!  I picked up some fishnet tights and a pair of Tinkerbell wings (clear). We had so much fun making blood with food coloring, coco powder and corn syrup! Simple putting it together!  … Read more

Original Zom-Bee Homemade Halloween Costume

My daughter and her Zombee costume! My daughter hates to be \"pretty\" for halloween, every year its a Vampire, Witch or some form of the undead.

My daughter and her Zombee costume! My daughter hates to be “pretty” for Halloween, every year it’s a Vampire, Witch or some form of the undead. We had really done everything that I could think of that was scary, so I asked if this year we could be something cute, like a fairy or a … Read more

Coolest Zom-Bee Costume

I'm a pretty "punny" person so I couldn't resist in 2009 to create a Halloween costume off this play on words. I had caught the perfect time sinc

I’m a pretty “punny” person so I couldn’t resist in 2009 to create a Halloween costume off this play on words. I had caught the perfect time since the zombie apocalypse phenomenon wasn’t too hip to the cool just yet and people still were impressed with zombie costumes. This Zom-Bee costume was quite simple, zombie makeup … Read more

Coolest Homemade Busy Bee Halloween Costume

Homemade Busy Bee Halloween Costume

My daughter was very much a busy little bee by the time her second Halloween rolled around! So I decided to make her just that, a Homemade Busy Bee Halloween Costume! I made a tutu out of an elastic of an old pair of pants of hers. I knotted black and yellow tulle to it … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bee Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Bee Halloween Costume Idea

Jenavee dressed as a “Rapper Bee.” Last year the song “Imma Be” from Black Eyed Peas was very popular. Since her name is Jena Vee, it sounded a lot like the song and her friends would always sing… JENA VEE, JENA VEE, JENA JENA JENA VEE, copying the song. So she decided to dress as … Read more

Coolest Bumble Bee Halloween Costume

Bumble Bee Halloween Costume

This Halloween I really wanted to be a Bumble Bee. Because I’m 14, and most bumble bee Halloween costumes are for little kids, I tried finding a costume that was right for me. The only ones that were not super scandalous were way too overpriced. Because I couldn’t find a costume, I decided to make … Read more

Coolest Bumble Bee Baby Costume

Homemade Bumble Bee Baby Costume

I made this Bumble Bee Baby Costume for my 18mo son. I took a white onesie and dyed it yellow by adding turmeric spice to a bowl of water and soaking for several hours. Then I hung it to dry thoroughly to set the color, rinsed it well, and dried it again. I used electrical … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bumblebee Costume

Coolest Homemade Bumblebee Costume 9

I made this one for my 2 year old nephew. He doesn’t like getting in and out of clothing of any kind, so I had to come up with something that we could take off him easily. Being VERY light-weight and easily removable made him a very happy boy! Materials Needed – Body: * An … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bee Family Costume

Homemade Bee Family Costume

I’ve been thinking of group/family costumes for us the past few years while the kids are young (and willing to go along with my ideas!). This Bee Family Costume fit the bill for us: cute, inexpensive, and my husband didn’t have to be too silly. Bees: Basic cylinder/tube pattern. I sewed black and yellow fuzzy … Read more

Coolest Homemade Flower and Bee Costumes

Homemade Flower and Bee Costumes

When my daughter was 3, she wanted to be a flower for Halloween. I tried to come up with something my then 6 month old son could be which would coordinate with her costume. Hence, the bumblebee costume. These Flower and Bee Costumes were pretty easy. They were basically made with felt and sweatsuits. I … Read more

Coolest Bumble Bee Girl’s Halloween Costume

Homemade Bumble Bee Girl's Costume

I took black and yellow felt and sewed strips of it together and then eyeballed the general shape of the shirt and cut those out, along with black lining. One of the shoulders was left open and velcros together. I sewed that all together and stuffed the costume with batting. I took hard felt and … Read more

Coolest Bee Family Group Costume

Homemade Bee Family Group Costume

We had the most adorable bee costume for my 22-month-old but since we are a family that likes to go all out in everything that we do, we thought we should all get in on the bee action. Noelle (the daughter) is the precious bee, Hero (the dog) is the other bee, Daddy is the … Read more

Coolest Queen Bee Costume

Homemade Queen Bee Costume

The idea for a Homemade Queen Bee Costume stemmed from an ex co-worker. I found the dress in a thrift store, and the ideas just kept rolling from there. I added bee, flowers, and rhinestones to the dress and wig. I also took a kid’s tiara and glued black beads and rhinestone to that. Of … Read more

Coolest Dead Bumble Bee Costume

Homemade Dead Bumble Bee Costume

Total Cost of Homemade Dead Bumble Bee Costume = $1.00 I found a yellow tutu last year as a Halloween clearance. I took an old velvet Christmas dress and removed the bottom half of the dress and then hold glued the shirt portion to the top of the tutu creating a one piece outfit. I … Read more

Bumble Bee Costume

Because my son, Zane, was only a couple months old, I wanted a comfortable costume for him. I saw some black fleece fabric and just thought of making him a bumble bee costume. I used yellow felt fabric for the stripes. Without a pattern, I used a bunting bag and laid it on the folded … Read more