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Original Zom-Bee Homemade Halloween Costume

My daughter and her Zombee costume! My daughter hates to be “pretty” for Halloween, every year it’s a Vampire, Witch or some form of the undead. We had really done everything that I could think of that was scary, so I asked if this year we could be something cute, like a fairy or a butterfly or a bee? She looked at me and said….. Can I be a Zombie? Now I heard Zom-bee and the ideas started coming.

We went to the fabric store and bought some yellow and black tulle and some elastic. We measured her waist with the elastic and cut the tulle into strips. Then we tied the strips around the elastic and poof, we had the tutu. Next we went to the local thrift store and found a yellow base shirt and a black tshirt for over top. Also in their Halloween dept we found some beat up wings and antenna. A stop at the Halloween store for some stripped leggings, black hairspray and makeup and we were ready to start! We ripped the black tshirt in horizontal tears to bring the yellow stripe effect to the top. We took the yellow cream based makeup and covered her face (streaked some on her arms and neck) the black cream makeup around the eyes and the fake blood dribbled down her face onto her shirts. Last thing we did was use the black hairspray to mess up and turn her hair dark (she is normally much lighter).

This costume is soooooo cute and draws a lot of attention. It usually takes people awhile to get the whole concept and it is great to watch them piece it together. They stop her, tell her she looks great…. “what a great Bee costume… and your a zombie too…. oh wait…. a Zommmbeeeeee! That is smart!” It really is fun to watch the pieces fall into place. Her friends at school LOVED it and the teachers appreciated the humor. All in all a very inexpensive very creative costume! Hope you enjoy!

My daughter and her Zombee costume! My daughter hates to be

My daughter and her Zombee costume! My daughter hates to be

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