I’m a pretty “punny” person so I couldn’t resist in 2009 to create a Halloween costume off this play on words. I had caught the perfect time since the zombie apocalypse phenomenon wasn’t too hip to the cool just yet and people still were impressed with zombie costumes. This Zom-Bee costume was quite simple, zombie makeup plus a bee costume.

The most difficult part was definitely the makeup. Toning down all of my natural skin tone to be pale took the help and efforts of three extra people. All of the zombie cuts and wounds were created with liquid latex, heavy make-up and fake blood.

Easiest costume to pose for pictures in… either you’re biting someone or buzzing around. The reactions I received were great. It slowly changed from “oh haha, you’re a bee” or “eww you’re bloody” to… “wait, you’re a zombie… a bee… a zom-bee?!” I loved it. The slow realization is always a big plus.

After that Halloween, I was determined to continue having creative costumes.