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Punniest Bar-Bee Doll Costume

After a few visits to the local costume stores, with nothing jumping out at me, I decided I wanted a unique and witty costume for this year. After thinking back to childhood Halloweens and childhood toys, I was blinded by the idea light bulb of a Barbie doll, with an adult twist!

I started with a standard bee costume, including yellow and black body suit, wings and antennae. Barbie is America’s favorite blond doll, so my brunette hair was not going to cut it. I added a blond wavy wig and makeup for Barbie’s signature look. At that point I was a blond bee, in dire need of a bar to follow me around. I realized I would need to attach the bar to myself, to keep me hands free and the idea flowing. Since it would be attached I needed it to be sturdy but light.

I started by taking a cardboard box lid (from a standard case of paper), I cut a half moon shape into one side to fit to my body, and small slits on the sides for the belt to go through. I then painted it brown, to get the look of a nice wooden bar. The next step was getting it to look like a bar and not just a brown box attached to my waist. I had some bar issue paper promotional coasters, which I glued together as a stack; I glued a plastic cup to a coaster, finished off a Coke bottle, took a Jameson coaster and made a makeshift Whiskey bottle to also sit on my bar.

Everything then got hot glued to the bar so I could move around and nothing would slide off or go anywhere. Then to attach it to myself, the hardest part of the process. I ran a black belt, to match a black stripe of the costume, around my waist, through the slits in the side and affixed it to the underside of the lid with duct tape.

To keep the bar propped up, I took paper towel tubes, cut the end on an angle to sit right on my body, I then taped them to my stomach, to each other, to keep them together, and the underneath of the bar. This came in quite handy when people kept putting their drinks on my bar! But at least they used a coaster!

I won Best Costume Overall in the only contest I entered Halloween night. I don’t know if blonds have more fun but Bar-bee doll’s sure do!


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