My grandson had enjoyed the two previous years of costumes that I had made and asked me for a Transformers costume this year. Personally, I had no idea what he was talking about, thus forcing me into a vigorous research program. After such, I thought he could handle a yellow Camaro costume named “Bumble Bee”. As he lives 3 hours away, exasperating texting took place regarding his measurements. I questioned everything received as he is small for his age and only 5 years old. Then came the process of making a costume that a small 5 year old could even wear.

I sat and looked at video for almost two days before beginning a search for  materials. I measured, remeasured, and started over twice. I then drew a side view in actual size of the “vehicle” I would eventually construct. A conclusion of utilizing corrugated cardboard was made.

As luck would have it, I located two identical used cardboard boxes that fit the bill exactly. I went about constructing the body of the vehicle being very careful to stay within the drawn size. I knew that the front of this costume would require a swivel action and progressed accordingly. The body was made so that when my grandson stood up, it would actually hang on his back. The front was constructed and fastened with nylon bolts to afford easy movement. I frequently moved the pieces to ensure that the finished product would work as planned.
Once assembled, as my grandson stood up, the body hanging on his back with shoulder straps, his head would emerge through the “hood” of the Camaro. At that point it worked as I had hoped. I attached “tires” made of black, hard plastic plates with spokes painted on. I painted the body of the costume with a bright yellow, with black stripes of duct tape. I used black poster board for the blackened windows, led puck lights for headlights, and reflective trailer tape for taillights. Even though I had no idea whether my grandson could handle the weight of the costume, or manuever it, I called it complete!

I then focused of the mask fashioning it from a remade plastic face piece, adding vinyl, shaped wood blocks, and felt. Done and pleased. We delievered the costume to my grandson who had forgotten that he had asked for it.

Total surprise and satisfaction was exhibited as he yelled, “I’ll have the best costume again this year!” It fit perfectly, and he was able to make the mechanics of it operate as intended. My only worry is what is expected for next year.