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800+ Best Halloween Costume Ideas for the DIY Costume Enthusiast

As a kid, or a kid who never grew up, becoming a toy is the best Halloween costume imaginable! The movie Toy Story piqued everyone’s imagination into the secret life of toys. In this section, you will learn how to actually become a game or toy yourself.

There are some game and toy costumes which take incredible creativity and cleverness to pull off. You must see the awesome view-master couple and the beautiful ballerina in a jewelry box. The design and construction of these costumes are true works of art.

Some board games on display here are Monopoly and Operation. Step up your homemade costume and dress up as an arcade game for a really fun interactive costume. For those attempting a Whack-A-Mole costume, make sure your friends know they shouldn’t be whacking you!

When it comes to childhood toys, LEGO, Transformers and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are very popular. Even once you pick a toy, there is amazing variety. For instance, Barbie in a box. You will find a range from pink and sparkly to middle aged Barbie, and everything in between.

Have fun scrolling through this section as you contemplate your DIY costume this year. Whether it’s a paper doll, Etch-a-Sketch or green toy soldiers, we love to see your version of these classics! Please share your best Halloween costume with us to help inspire others.

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