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Coolest LEGO Block Costumes and Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Lego Block costumes shared with us by costume enthusiasts from around the world. Along with the unique Halloween costume ideas here, you’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration for your next costume project. Enjoy!

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Featured Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Unique Halloween costume by Joanne B., Litchfield Park, AZ

Tips to Help You Make Your Own Unique Halloween Costume

This year it was a little difficult to find a costume that my son would like. He wanted a unique Halloween costume. I got the idea of a Lego’s box because he loves Lego. Based on the box of Lego that we have at home I built his costume.

First I took a big box and painted it red with spray paint. Then I wrote the word Lego creator and other details: contains 500 pieces etc. Imagine, with color paint for kids.

Lego - Unique Halloween Costume

My son built some easy projects with Lego then I took pictures and printed it. I glued them on the box. On the internet I found some picture of warning and UPC. Also I attached some Lego bricks on his sweater. Finally I used the lid of my Lego’s box for making him a hat.

Total Spent: $10

Costume by Carrie V., Lake Forest, CA

Lego - Unique Halloween Costume

My then 2-year-old son LOVED Lego! I thought since he loved them so much, a unique Halloween costume idea would be to dress him up as a Lego!

He decided on the color Lego he wanted to be and the rest was my job! I purchased a large box big enough to fit his torso, but still small enough so he would be able to walk easily and hold his trick or treat bag. I also found a small box for his head. I had a pair of blue sweats and a pair of blue sneakers.

I purchased some blue mittens (living in Southern California our winters are generally pretty mild!) so he would be covered head to toe in blue. I gathered 5-16 oz empty sour cream containers and painted them, you guessed it blue! The sour cream containers took a few coats of paint, but after the third coat, it was a success!

For this unique Halloween costume I used a hot glue gun to glue the box together. I cut the bottom out of the box for his legs. I then painted the 2 boxes blue. I cut armholes out of the sides and one hole out of the top for his head. For the small box for his head, instead of cutting the bottom out, I folded it in so it would be a better fit and not slip down over his face.

Lastly, I used a hot glue gun to fasten the sour cream containers to the front of the box – just like a Lego. I glued one container to the top of the small box for his head.

After the assembly was complete and my little “Lego” was dressed for a fun night of Trick-or-Treating. I painted 2 large blue circles on his cheeks. This was the best part for him (for older children you could paint their entire face), as he loved to wear makeup just like mommy!

This unique Halloween costume was a little time consuming – the whole project probably took 2 days including drying time and extra coats of paint, but it was well worth the effort when I saw the excitement when he wore it! He was so proud!

This was the most unique Halloween costume I had ever made. He was the talk of the neighborhood!

Costume by Melissa M., Trenton, MI

Lego - Unique Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for unique Halloween costumes, this was a fun and very inexpensive costume to make. My daughter came up with the idea and it only cost $3 to make.

We got the box (if you ever need boxes, the best place is at the dollar store, they have a bin in back of the building with a container for cardboard only, and tons of boxes. They also like that you to take them because they pay to have them taken away).

First you turn the box inside out, so no writing shows, and tape back together with packaging tape. Then pick the color of your Lego and get spray paint (usually on sale for $1 at Aco hardware, watch for sales).

Go to dollar store and buy a plastic container, you get 3 containers for $1, so you’ll need to buy 2 sets. Hot glue the containers on the box and then spray paint and let dry.

Unique Halloween costumes can be very easy too! Everybody knew exactly what she was and thought she was very creative.

Total spent: $3

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