Coolest Lego Costume

Lego Costume

Trying to encourage my children to be creative at Halloween, I sent my 4 year old upstairs to find a toy that he likes to play with. He came back with a Lego. Pretty simple, really. For a Lego costume you will need a few boxes, floral Styrofoam discs for the “buttons,” a few cans … Read more

Coolest Lego Family Costume

Homemade Lego Family Costume

We created this Lego Family Costume to wear for a local 5K Halloween Costume Race. We wanted to include our son and have really fun and unique costumes. We ended up deciding to go with one of our son’s favorite toys, LEGOS! The base of each costume consists of a solid color jogging suit, gloves, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lego Costume

Homemade Lego Costume

For each homemade Lego costume we went to a place that sold boxes and we each bought a huge box to cover our body. We painted it whichever color we wanted. Then we glued on plastic cups (painted the same color as the box) to make it look like a Lego. We cut out a … Read more