We created this Lego Family Costume to wear for a local 5K Halloween Costume Race. We wanted to include our son and have really fun and unique costumes. We ended up deciding to go with one of our son’s favorite toys, LEGOS!

The base of each costume consists of a solid color jogging suit, gloves, and knit hat. The “LEGO” portion of the costume consists of a large box, (our son’s box was actually an empty soda case) that we cut holes into (6 for the adult costume, 4 for the child costume). We then pressed butter bowls through from the inside and secured them on the inside using strips of duct tape. We also cut a hole in the top for our heads, and holes in the sides for our arms.

Once the costumes were constructed, we spray painted the boxes red, blue, and yellow.
These costumes were extremely inexpensive, very unique, and were a huge hit at the race. Everyone loved our “LEGO family” costumes!