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Easy Lego Block Child’s Halloween Costume

Here is how I made this easy Lego block child’s Halloween costume. Using a large box for the body and a small box for the hat, I cut out head and arm holes for my 5 year old son. Have your child try on the box to make the holes large enough and help your child remove it, otherwise, they get stuck.

I then took recycled  containers (yogurt, margarine containers, etc.) and used a glue gun to glue them to the boxes. I used six containers on the body and one on the head. My son wanted to be a blue Lego so I spray painted the boxes when the glue dried. Voila, a life sized Lego!

Everybody loved his costume and new exactly what he was! He is a shy kid but felt comfortable in his costume and proud of the comments he received. And I as a parent still had cash in my wallet!

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