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150+ Coolest Homemade Transformers Costumes

These homemade Transformers costumes are more than meets the eye. Watch how they transform and be convince that they are the coolest costume ever!

Why commit to one costume when you can have two? Have your kid stand out for the right reasons with this costume. Or be the hit of every Halloween party yourself with these awesome costumes. Even if you have never created a costume before, this is one you need to try. Discover how to create a custom-made transforming homemade costume by looking at the tutorials here.

Whether your favorite is Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, you will find plenty of inspiration to guide you in your homemade costume.

So, take a look at this collection of DIY costumes of robots in disguise and check out the tutorials and videos of these DIY costumes that actually transform.  Will you try one yourself this Halloween?

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Coolest DIY Optimus Prime Transforming Costume

diy optimus prime transforming costume

This is my homemade Optimus Prime transforming costume for Halloween. This is based on the Cab Over Semi truck from the original Generation 1 (G1) 80’s cartoon. My costume is detailed with several different items to make it unique, such as: the vanity Manitoba Licence plate, the windshield wipers, the working LED lights, the beer cans for the gas tanks, plastic wheels… Read more »

Awesome Homemade Transforming Bumblebee Costume

I’m sure you saw that video a few years back of a Bumblebee homemade Transformer costume that actually transformed. Like most children, I’m sure your child begged you to make one for him/her.

It is very cool, but there is very little information on how exactly to make a homemade Transformer costume. Read more »

Coolest DIY Transforming Optimus Prime Costume

transformers costume diy

Without any outside influence, my son used to play pretend that he could transform like a Transformer. The idea’s been done before, but not as I have. What sets mine apart from the other transforming costumes is that it can transform from vehicle to robot mode in seconds. You too can make this transformers costume DIY project for Halloween this year. Read more »

Cool DIY Transforming Optimus Prime Halloween Costume

Optimus Prime

My son came up with the idea for this transforming Optimus Prime Halloween costume and from limited pictures I could find on the internet I recreated the body, hands and feet on my own just by looks. All aspects of colors, flames and accessory pieces were all my own creations. No templates of any kind were used. The helmet was bought and the size of the costume was designed around that but my son later decided he wanted everyone to know it’s him and that this is his costume, so he abandoned that part. Read more »