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Cool DIY Bumblebee Transformer Costume

This was my son’s Bumblebee Transformer costume last year. I told you our story in our other costume submission. This was our Transformer Bumblebee costume. And it really was a lot of fun to make it.

We used cardboard, a glue gun, and different colored duct tape, I used Tupperware containers with finger lights for the headlights. I used the reflector off of a bicycle for the middle tail light. We had a motorcycle tag laying around, and made the taillights the same way we made the headlights except for with red tape over the Tupperware container.

Cardboard can be easy to work with because you can bend or mold it into almost any shape, but you have to wrap it in duct tape to make it strong and durable cuz the cardboard will get frail quickly.   I made the transformer emblem with cut pieces of black duct tape!!

This probably cost no more than 30 dollars, but most of what we used we found around the house!! He entered a costume contest last year at a local skating rink with it and won hands down!! We were asked by several people about selling that one too but my son shocked me when he, on his own, decided to give it to a young boy that fell in love with the costume!!

It was a memorable time that my son and I will forever cherish!

Cool Bumblebee Transformer Costume

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