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Coolest Homemade Bumblebee Transformer Costume

More than meets the eye! – that’s what I wanted to be this Halloween. This year I decided to make my own Homemade Bumblebee Transformer Costume, an Autobot and to be specific, I wanted to be Bumble Bee.

At first it was a great idea but as the building process started it seemed to get more difficult. I had hoped it would be easy but Transformers are never easy they are more than meets the eye right? The costume itself is made out of a great material, very co-operative. I used basic blue camping foam or pad that people use to sleep at camps with, a hot glue gun, Duck tape, and an exacto knife or just a real sharp razor and scissors to sculpt the pieces out.

All of the parts and limbs were made with the same material-including: tires, doors, chest piece, and belt (etc.) the only parts that weren’t made of the camping foam were the mask and arm/gun. Both were purchased at the store in the toy section. The windows were made from simple plastic and the rims to the tires were cardboard and the rest was basic spray paint.

Now the footwork was a unique piece, it boosted my height about a whole foot taller. I basically strapped down my sandal to some pads stacked up together and stuck them inside my foot piece after it was made. One of the great details as well was the amazing license plate-yes it says “beeotch” and the chest piece lights were also a cool addition to my suit, they allowed a safe and illuminated night for the children.

This Homemade Bumblebee Transformer Costume was definitely a great and fun project and definitely made me more than what meets the eye on Halloween, I made a lot of children happy with it they were really glad to meet Bumblebee. I had help with this project from my mother, father, and sister- and my favorite uncle who helped me brainstorm the design. It was thanks to those people who helped that it worked out in time for a night of tricks and treats! Thanks for everything! hope you guys like the costume-Happy Halloween!

Here’s a video of the costume:

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Bumblebee Transformer Costume”

  1. Hey there, this costume means a lot to me. I put a great deal of effort and time into it. It isn’t for sale but just a question: how much would you be willing to pay for it?

  2. Did you use a specific picture as a guide or did you design exactly what you were going to do could you do a tutorial? Or maybe a list of the products you used. I would love to do the same thing for my son, how long did it take? You costume is by far the best I have seen anywhere! Great family project!

  3. Could you post instructions step by step on how to make this, I’m sure a lot of people would want to, how much would you at least sell the instructions to make the costume for?

  4. you should see mine…..!! this was made using my blue print haha……I’ll sell mine for 500$ took me 14 days to make it… fits 200lb person…

  5. do you have instructions on how you made the chest piece or can you explain how you did it? How many layers of foam did you have to use?


  6. Sorry Everyone for the inconvenience of not replying to everyone’s comments and questions/concerns.
    I’ve been working on my next costume Iron Man
    and Dodo is actually my uncle who made a similar bumble bee, he’s working on an Optimus Prime

    but if you have anymore questions, since I don’t check this public website very often please send them to me @ heartless_aznboi@yahoo.com


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