I’m an artist living in Austin, TX who spends every September and October working on my kids Halloween costumes. Transformers is the theme this year – again! My daughter wanted a Transformer costume and the only girl-friendly character I could think of is the ice cream truck Transformer from the second movie.

The Homemade Ice Cream Truck Transformer Costume is made of cardboard, hardboard, and toy tires. To get it that old school look, I took off all of the hard edges on the boxes by cutting out the corners and hot gluing the remaining edges to create rounded edges. The front tires are mounted on some hardboard then covered with a piece of a cardboard construction form which is used to pour cement pillars.

The paper mache ice cream cone is attached to the truck with a thick rubber band. This way it can get banged around but it’ll just bounce back into place. My favorite elements are the menu that my daughter drew and the springy ice cream cone. Knee pads were a must as she was up and down all day with every transformation.