My costume is a homemade transforming transformer tank costume that I built for my 7 year old son Jaiden. This Halloween he asked for a costume totally outside the box (no pun intended lol) He asked me if I could make him a transforming tank costume! The challenge was on!!! I love to create things and this was right up my alley lol but I knew I was in for a challenge this time. He wanted to be able to go trick or treating in it, but also become a tank when he layed down.

Altogether this project only cost me $14.00 to make!!! CRAZY!! We used cardboard, posterboard, spray paint (camo colors brown, tan, green) a swim noodle, glowsticks, construction paper and paint. The cardboard was FREE from my husbands job, the posterboard was $3, the spray paint was $9, the swim noodle $1, glowsticks $1, and the paint, and construction paper I already had at home. So we started off measuring his arms and legs and finding boxes that were bigger than him so that we could cut them down to size. After that, we hot glued them together added a swim noodle to create a tank missle, and covered the cardboard with posterboard. We then spray painted it camo out back.

When the paint dried we brought it back inside and started adding the details. We added 5 black construction paper circles to each side to make tank tires. Then I painted the front and some side parts black to make a tire effect and I also painted on a cool autobot symbol that my son had googled! Then we added glowsticks to the front and to the back of the tank to create the lights. The tank was finally finished and my son loves it! He plays with it all the time and it hasn’t ripped yet!

We also entered it into the Hemet, Ca costume contest on Saturday, and he actually won for most creative costume! He was soooo happy!! It was so much fun people were coming up to him with their phones asking him to transform for them! Hes shy but he did it for every person who asked! I know he is proud of himself he thought of something, it was created, and he ended up winning his 1st trophy from it!!!  :) (BTW my son was a regular transformer last year that’s why he is wearing the costume underneath)