So I’ve always been a big transformers fan, and I’ve always made my own costumes, so I thought it would be really cool to make my own Transformer. Since I’m an over-achiever, and I’m really competitive, I couldn’t just do it the way others did it. I wanted to actually transform. I also wanted to make up my own character.

And so, I began sketching, and sketching, and sketching, until I came up with what you see there. It took me a lot longer than I would have liked, and my wife thought I was going crazy, but I made it happen nonetheless. It turned out heavier than I thought, but I practiced walking in it a good bit before showing it off. Hopefully it turns out to be a big hit at the Trunk-or-Treat event I volunteer at. My favorite part is the gun that I can take off and attach to my arm, and put back when I turn back into a tank. I wore it to my buddie’s Costume Party, and it was pretty popular. Kind of hard to walk around in a crowded house, and even harder to transform, but that’s okay.

I got the name FURY from the movie that’s coming out soon, which was about a tank crew in World War II. Being that my father was a tank commander in the Persian Gulf War, I thought he would like it. And he did. He was also part of the inspiration for the build, since I always like to make him proud. It ‘s made out of corrugated plastic sheeting- like what people use for garage sale signs and political signs. I also used elastic straps for comfort, and maching screws to hold it all together. I would have used glue, but there aren’t many that are recommended for use on high density polypropyline, which is the kind of plastic this is.

Like I said, it was a long process, but I started with the outer parts that would be seen while I’m a tank, and worked my way in. I wanted to make sure that it all fit back together when I transformed. I wear a knockoff Morphsuit underneath it, that way nobody can see any skin, and the logo isn’t showing anywhere.