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The Cutest Little Army Tank Halloween Costume

My son, Brian, 4,  wanted to be a garbage truck, a forklift, an army tank, a transformer, and I can go on! We finally decided on an Army tank. I must admit, I was NOT feeling the Army tank. I wanted him to be the garbage truck. I even had an idea for a bin for the candy. Nope, he had to be the tank. I actually started the tank two nights before Trick-or-Treat. I finished it in a couple of hours.

I bought spray paint and glue sticks and my sister raided the local convenience store for boxes. I think she thought I was building a house! Way too many boxes! Anyway, I found a rectangular box for the frame. I wanted it extra sturdy, so I kept the entire box intact.

I started out by making sure the box was closed tightly…adding extra glue under all the flaps. I used a large serving bowl to make the circle template on the top and bottom of the box. I traced it and then cut it out. I made my son stand in it to make sure he fits. I then glued a square base around the opening on the top and also flat pieces of cardboard at a diagonal on the sides of the rectangle. The next step was to paint, so outside I went. It took the entire can to paint. I then took some hammered effect (dark gray, I believe) spray paint and squigled lines around the tank.

I used a pringle can for the (I don’t know what it’s called!) cannon part. I used some left over hammered effect spray paint for that. I glued that at an angle on the front of the tank….lots of glue!

I acutally wanted to add  a real Bangsite cannon to it, but it was a tad too much…haha.

I cut out long cardboard ovals the same length of the tank. I then cut out stars and the gears out of cardstock (with the help of my Cricut). I glued them all on the tank.

The last step was to add the straps, which I did with Duct tape. I made slits around the circles and stuck folded tape through and then taped them under.

The costume was a hit! We heard so many compliments and  pictures from people wanting to make it themselves next year!




The Cutest Little Army Tank Halloween Costume

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