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15+ Coolest Homemade Car Costumes for Halloween

Rejoice in this fun collection of sleek car costumes! Youngsters especially will love the chance to get behind the wheel.

You don’t need your license for these awesome homemade designs. You will see unique ideas like race cars, transformers that actually transform and even a Model T. From simple and easy to extremely complex, these car costumes have something for everyone this Halloween.

Discover the cool DIY costume secrets behind these amazing looks. For example, to construct headlights, one crafty person used a Pringle can. Another used pool noodles. Read on and get inspired for your own DIY costume creation.

In addition, making an eco-friendly car costume has never been easier. One homemade costume here was made with only recycled cardboard, spray paint, a pair of suspenders and duct tape. And it looks amazing!

So buckle up and enjoy the ride to your greatest DIY costume this Halloween.