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Coolest Homemade Model T Car Halloween Costume

Our four year old son Matthew loves old cars. His Papa owns two antique cars, and Matthew loves working on them and riding in them… so for Halloween, there was no talking him out of his idea to go as Papa’s Model T.

The homemade Model T Car Halloween costume is made from cardboard boxes, adhesives, duct tape, and poster board. Glow sticks make the headlights shine, and a homemade “candy fuel” gas can collects the Halloween candy.

The shoulder straps are pieces of seat belt strapping. The spare tire on the back has a personalized ‘Matthew’ license plate.

Construction of the homemade Model T Car Halloween costume took several hours spread over a little less than 2 weeks. The car costume’s dimensions very closely match those of the actual car. This costume was a big hit in the neighborhood this year, and it will be displayed next fall at the Old Car Festival next to the real Model T.

Homemade Model T Car Halloween Costume

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Model T Car Halloween Costume”

  1. Hello. My son is Henry Ford in a thing at school and we want to make this. Is there anyway you could send instructions on how you made it? Could you send them ASAP? Thanks and cool costume!

  2. 3 cardboard boxes, black poster board (2 for $1 at dollar store), and black duck tape. Middle box is tall, a 3 boxes similar width, wheels are just multiple ayers of cardboard glued together. I cut and taped the boxes to shape, front end box has a sort of barn roof shape, rear trunk box is sloped slightly (we have a Model T, so the shapes and dimensions were familiar to us). I used actual pieces of seatbelt for the shoulder straps (I have a guy in the auto business), but in other years I’ve used belt material from fabric stores… Good luck.


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