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Coolest Homemade Transformer (that actually transforms) Halloween Costume

(SORRY-in the pictures one of my lights fell off…i noticed just now, If you scroll at the bottom… you’ll find links to see my costume in a better way).

This homemade Transformer (that actually transforms) Halloween costume took a whole week to make. I got the idea to make a transformer costume, but then I thought it would be cool if the transformer would actually transform… so we made the costume transform.

First we had to get materials to make the costume..luckily one of my aunts had purchased new furniture so there was a lot of cardboard available. We also gathered some styrofoam sheets. Then we designed how we would built the costume. We also took measurements of my height to determine the height of the car and its dimensions. Then we began to cut pieces out of cardboard based on the design we made.

After cutting the main pieces we used a lot of duct tape to put the pieces together. We did the same thing for all the pieces of the car. Then we reinforced the weaker parts of the car using hard styrofoam. Then we painted the car all white (my dad called it “priming it”). Then we painted the car hot pink and black.

For the wheels we used the styrofoam sheets and cut a bunch of circles out…then we put the circles together with tape. We also cut out 8 circle shaped cardboard and taped it to the styrofoam wheel. We attached fabrics through the inside of the wheel to be able to hold it. We then painted the wheel and put a aluminum container sheet for the rings. Our original plan was for the 2 back wheels to be attached to my feet but that didn’t work…so at the last minute we had to tape the 2 back wheels to the car.

In order for my back to be able to hold the car, we taped an old book back in the inside. We then decorated the car by putting lights, a license plate and a radiator made out of aluminum tape.

On the day to wear it…we had a problem…part of the car was breaking so we had to reinforce the breaking parts with aluminum tape…which seemed to hold on pretty well. EVERYONE at my school loved the costume. Every 3 minutes people would ask me to transform for them. I LOVED THIS COSTUME.


Materials we used:

Duct tape
Pink Paint
Black Paint
Priming Paint
Aluminum Tape
Styrofoam sheets
Old Backpack
Paint Brush

My school photographer took better pictures of my transformer costume…

Homemade Transformer (that actually transforms) Halloween Costume

Homemade Transformer (that actually transforms) Halloween Costume

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182 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Transformer (that actually transforms) Halloween Costume”

  1. Hi,

    Please could you send me the detailed instructions for this costume to my email? I would love to build and wear this! I need to make the costume for a charity party in a couple of months. My email address is bigdrabz83@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks in advance


  2. Dear Friend:

    Can you please send me the instructions so that i can build this costume for my 6 year old boy who will have a festival at the end of September in his school and we saw your costume and he loves it.

    My email rmoreno@cmc-shipagents.com

    In advance many thanks.

    Ricardo Moreno

  3. I just love your work; you’re quite talented. Please send me the instructions for a transformer costume. Our grandson, Brian, wants to be the transformer “bumblebee” this year and we plan to work on it together. Also, his birthday is October 10 and I would love to have it ready by then! Thanks.

  4. Great job with the use of cardboard and dissecting the unit so that it can really transform. My son would look great as Bumblebee. Could you please send me the detailed instructions? Thank you very much.

  5. hello..great work! I was hoping to get detailed instructions on how to make this please! My 3 year old son would love this. Can you please post here?

  6. been searching for a good transformers costume, yours is the best i’ve seen. I would love if you could send me instructions?

  7. Hello,

    I would love to have a more detailed instructions for your costume. i have been trying to make one just like bumblebee for my son for halloween. he loves the transformers movies and would die if his costume would actually transform.

    thank you so much.

  8. Would you mind emailing me your instructions for the transformer. I am so stoked that I found your site and the its awesome. Its for a college Halloween party and I am eagered to get started on it. Thanks so much, will be waiting anxiously!

  9. Hi, I would really like to get the detailed instructions for Halloween this year. Reason why:
    I really like collecting transformers and I have been searching for these type of instructions for the past 3 hours. Another good reason is that my friends consider me the transformer girl and I think that would go well with a transformer costume.
    Thanking you in advance.

  10. Hello, My father, Brother and I have been wanting to find out HOW ON EARTH to make this thing! and i was wondering if you could possibly email me a video of how to do it or if that is too much send me a detailed instructions list please, IT WILL MAKE US VERY HAPPY ! KoolWhip97@yahoo.com thank you

  11. Very cool costume! Good job! Could u plz add a comment with detailed instructions. I’d really appreciate it! Im making a bumblebee costume for my 4-yr-old:)
    Thx a million :)

  12. Hi I think your costume is just absolutely amazing and have been searching and searching for someone who would give some detailed instructions on this. I want to make a costume for movie day at my school on Oct 9th could you please email me the instructions at mcluesolver39@yahoo.com I would be so grateful Thanks!

  13. Hi,
    I absolutely loved Ur pink bumblebee!
    My 4 yr old wants to become bumble bee for his fancy dress at school and looking at how creative n patient u guys r in doing so I doubt I’d be able to pull it off. I don’t want to disappoint my son so I guess if u could help me I’d truly appreciate it
    My email I’d is micpinto@rediffmail.com

    Thanking you in advance. Pls email me the pattern n things required. Thanks once again

  14. I am running short of time.
    Please do send me the instructions photos and videos whichever is available in the preparation and transformation process.
    So helpful it will be.
    Thanks in advance

  15. Please could you send me the making instructions. My boyfriend is having a fancy dress birthday party and wants the costume as his present!

  16. Could you please send me the instructions for this costume and the pattern if you have it? It looks great! And it’s the only girl one I’ve found.

    Thank you!

  17. our dance school is doing a transformer production and I need to make a bumblebee costume and would love it to actually transform. Can you please send instructions to my email mygirls180728@yahoo.com. I need to make it for a 6 year old by May 12, 2014. Thanks

  18. please can you give me the full instructions on my this e mail id (aarushkashyap80@gmail.com)
    i need it for my child’s birthday party.

  19. please can you give me the full instructions on my this e mail id (aarushkashyap80@gmail.com)
    i need it for my child’s birthday party.

  20. Your costume is great! Could you email me the instructions on how to make it please? I”m hoping to make it for my son’s 5th birthday. My email is keshitahunt[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks so much and have a great day!!!


  21. Cool costume! My son is excited about the possibility of building it with me. Wondering if you could pass along the instructions. Thanks in advance! sam.m.guerette[at]gmail[dot]com

  22. Great job! I know I’m years behind but if you still have the instructions can you please send them to rkelly614[at]gmail[dot]com?


  23. Please send me your instructions for making this
    Transformer costume. My granddaughter wants to be
    a Transformer for Halloween. Her father works in Universal Studios on the Transformer ride. You have a real talent and this would make her very happy. My email is philady[at]comcast[dot]net. Thank you so much.

  24. If you could please send the steps to make this costume that would be awesome! Sk8ter_chic308[at]yahoo[dot]com. TIA!

  25. Hi there! I LOVE your costume. Our town is having their annual garden party (costume party) and I would love to make one for myself and my husband. Any transformer will do for myself and I would love to make a Bumblebee for my husband if I could please get the instructions. My email is feeguest[at]hotmail[dot]com

    Thank you in advance. I can send you pictures of the finished product.

    Thanks again :)

  26. Hi! This looks amazing. My son would love this for a school event in 3 weeks time.

    Please email me instructions to Jess.jake[at]hotmail[dot]com

    Thank you.

  27. I have 2 boys that want to be transformers this year. How many different types do you have? I would like them all if you have more than one. Thank you.

  28. I would like instructions for all if possible (if you have many different ones). I have 6 boys that want to be transformers this year. You can send them to my email at iamwhatiam9876[at]yahoo[dot]com

    Thank You!

  29. Brilliant work. Can I please have the detailed instruction as I want to make a similar one for my son.

    My email address is khuram7592[at]gmail[dot]com

  30. I love your costume. Could you send me detailed instructions for making it? My son loves homemade costumes and he would love this. Last year we made a Buzz Lightyear with moving arms and lights.

    My e-mail address is Mgehrking[at]charter[dot]net.


  31. Hello. Great costume. Would you still have the directions. If so, could you please send them to me at frank.cina[at]outlook[dot]com

  32. This is a great costume. Do you still have the directions? If so, could you please send them to me?



  33. Hello! I love your work. You might not be looking at this site anymore, but if you are could you please send me the instructions so that I could make Bumblebee for my sports day before the 4th of April?

    Thanks a bunch.
    sharen.ern [at] hotmail [dot] com

  34. Hello! I love your work and I’ve been planning to do this for my sports day. Could you send me the full instruction to my email on sharen.ern [at] hotmail [dot] com? Would love to start working on it by the end of the week (3/4/2015). Hope to get a response from you soon and make my very own costume like you did. Thanks in advance.

  35. Hi. Could you please send me the full instructions on how to make this homemade transformers costume?

    Eidisen_ [at] hotmail [dot] com

  36. I did the same type of thing for a Buzz Lightyear costume years ago. Happy to swap details with you for your instructions. Would also pay you a nominal amount for your trouble! Thanks Scott.

  37. Hey! Great costume of yours! Do you mind sending me a copy of the instructions? My email is

    Thanks again:)

  38. Hi!

    This is the greatest costume I have ever seen! Can you send me the detailed instructions, please? My address is anouk91 [at] aol [dot] com

    Thank you!!

  39. I don’t know when this was posted, but are you still offering the instructions to build the transformer costume?


  40. My son wants to be a transforming transformer for Halloween and I am not extremely crafty could I please get the instructions


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