My daughter Natalie is 6 years old and wanted to be a transformer for Halloween, Being she is tall and a big girl I was stressing out on finding a costume to fit her. So after much research and watching past creations I decided to attempt to create a Bumblebee Transformer car costume myself just in case I wasn’t able to find a child’s costume that would fit her.

After starting on the car and with luck on my side I did find the full body costume but decided I would still continue the car since I already put work into it. I went through a couple frames before getting the right size. At first i got very annoyed as I had to get the right frame. finally when I got the right size frame (or so i thought) I spray painted the inside of the box yellow and began to put duct tape on little by little.

After getting the car to be completely yellow I went about to do the windows in black tape. All decals on the car (door handles, front bumper tires, Camaro logo, transformer logo tail lights, back bumper) were actual images of a real Camaro and sent off to get printed on paper. I glued them on and then covered them with clear shipping tape. The Headlights are real working headlights. I got a few closet hanging lights and cut a spot and inserted them then secured them with superglue. To finish it off I inserted suspenders and attached them to a belt to be able to wear the car. After that i did the strips down the middle of the car to try to hide the suspenders as good as i could.

Items used was cardboard, glue, duct tape, paint and a couple of lights. Straps is a belt and suspenders.

She won 1st place at her School Halloween Party!