The Transformers Bumblebee Costume is my son Nicholas Walters and he is 6 years old, he couldn’t decide what he wanted to be so I made the mistake of letting him search with me online and we came across a Bumblee costume and low and behold he selected it and wanted it to transform.

We saw some online but no one told you how to do it so apt of studying the photos and I was sweating bullets but we got it done.  I did most of the body work and then my husband Jason Walters and my mom Bonney Legg helped finish off the details like the wheels made out of paper bowls and the spray painting.  Its made out of foam board, duct tape, spray paint, two push lights for headlights, the back tail lights are the bottoms of red solo cups.

Inside is a drawstring back pack duct taped to it so he didn’t have to carry it around.  Everything except the spray paint and bumblebee outfit came from the dollar store so in total it probably cost maybe $12 or so.  The costume was from 2 years ago when he was the regular bumblebee.