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Coolest Ever YRC Truck DIY Transformer Costume

I work for a shipping company that has a costume context every year. I like to keep my costume inline with our business so I made a YRC Truck DIY Transformer Costume. Since YRC is one of the main LTL Carriers we partner with.

This probably took 10-15 hours to make. Also, there are many ways you can do what I did and it all depends on what you have to work with and how much time/money you want to spend.

Costume Instructions

So, here are some instructions on making the costume:

1. Find the right size boxes (this was difficult and I would have gone less deep on my boxes in the end).

2. The wheel wells that I hold my my hand took the longest and I just cut, shaped, and tapped them together.

3. The boxes over my calves become the back wheels of the Semi (when I lay down)  and are just cardboard folded and taped together in a square with cardboard wheels hot glued to the outside

4. The main body needs a head and arm wholes cut out.

5. Spray paint didn’t look good in the end so I bought a large roll of white paper to cover everything. The smoke stacks are just cardboard rolls painted with silver paint and hot glued, Taped and zip tied on.

6. The decals (YRC logo, windows, transformer logo, rims on the wheels, and grill) were done with my vinyl machines.

7. The head lights on the wheels wells are just battery powered push lights I got at Walmart.

8. Finally, the lights on the top of the truck are battery powered candles form Walmart (6 for $3) in the Christmas section and were hot glued to Poster Board I taped in a triangle shape.

DIY Transformer Costume Reactions

In conclusion, this costume won the contest at my work (Unishippers Corporate). It was really fun to make and I got great reactions form my co-workers and friends on facebook.

In addition, check out the video of my DIY Transfomer costume action, here!

diy transformer costume

diy transformer costume

diy transformer costume

diy transformer costume

diy transformer costume

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