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Cheap and Easy Car-Themed Family Halloween Costumes

This is a family costume which started with a 21/2 year olds dream of being an orange race car (he also wanted me to be a red race car and his daddy to be a blue one… through our costumes I fulfilled one of his three requests.  In decided what we as a family were going to be I take into considerations each member of the family and try to get a costume that they would be happy to wear, who knows how long I will be able to take the reigns on who is what, perhaps if they are happy my decision making powers will last longer, who knows.  So it was decided my son per his request would be an orange race-car.  Now how to accommodate my husband… he doesn’t mind dressing up but it is not his favorite thing.  He likes a costume that could almost borderline on regular clothes with a little twist, a little humor.  So I thought, what does every car need, gas… not going there.  Well, a car can’t drive without a street… A street is good, but how can I had to this.  My husband wore all black.  I cut strips of yellow duct tape and stuck them down his front and back splitting at his legs. I told him to go tape a fork to his tummy (where the yellow lane split) and voila a “fork in the road” was born. So for me, I like a good costume party, and typically I like to stand out a bit (past costumes, peacock, bride of Frankenstein, rubik’s cube, Cruela DeVille).  What can I add to this race car and road??? It came to me while driving, my son in the back seat reminding me every time we passed a traffic light, what it meant, “Oh, the green arrow! Now we gotta turn left.” “Yep, mommy yellow, slow down, gotta be safe.” “Red! Stop! It’s the law.” “Come one light turn green already.”  I said to my son, “For Halloween you can be a __________ (he yells, “orange car”), Daddy can be the _________ (he yells “street, Daddy so silly”), and I can be a traffic light (he yells, “I love it!”)

So we were lucky enough to have 3 places to wear our costumes this year, a party at out house, my sons school parade, and trick or treating. Event #1 (party at our house)… So we had 8 two year old girls, 1 three year old girl, 1 four year old girl, 1 five year old girl, 2 baby boys and my 2 year old son (my son is all to familiar with a room full of ladies.  Any how at our party my son put on his costume for about 10 minutes (before anyone was here), his car spent the rest of the evening being worn by all the little girls in their sparkly glittery splendor.   My traffic light was a huge hit as all the 2 year olds kept chasing me around to push my buttons and turn my lights on and off.  Event #2 (school parade) He rocked his car all over that parade, so much so that I had to do a little handy work post parade and reattach one headlight and both taillights. Event #3 (trick-or-treating) Again he was loving his costume.  Having both headlights and taillights was great, there was no losing him and no need for a flashlight as he was lighting our path.

What you will need to create the:


a box, duct tape, box cutter, spray paint (whatever color you want your car to be, 2 touch lights (headlights), to bike reflector lights (taillights), sponsor labels, Modge Podge to adhere sponsors 4 black plates, super glue &/or glue gun, blue paper for windows, foil for hub caps, helmet (optional, purchased ours at the Dollar Tree and then doctored it up a bit… technically it was a helmet for some sort of armored warrior).

Traffic Light

Thick black foam poster board (sandwich board), black construction paper cut in a half circle (traffic light covers/shields), 3 touch lights, spray paint (red, yellow, green), black ribbon (straps), super glue &/or glue gun.

Fork in the Road

Black clothes, yellow duct tape (I found the duct tape sheets to be the easiest), a plastic or metal fork.

The majority of these items we already had on hand.

Cheap and Easy Car-Themed Family Halloween Costumes

Cheap and Easy Car-Themed Family Halloween Costumes

Cheap and Easy Car-Themed Family Halloween Costumes

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