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Cool Homemade Traffic Light Costume

I got the homemade traffic light costume idea from this site. I started with a box that fit over my son, making sure he can still walk safely and bring his hands together in front. Cut a hole for the head, arms and three holes in the front for the lights. Spray paint the box yellow.

For the lights, I used three LED battery-operated push lights and covered them in red, yellow and green cellophane gift wrap. My husband rigged the lights so that they all connected to a 4-way switch which is taped and glued to the outside of one side of the box (measure to be within child’s reach). Place the lights in the holes and affix with duct tape. Trim each light hole with black electrical tape. We also taped a few strips of reflector tape across the back for safety.

My son won first place at school with this costume and when we went trick or treating that evening, he ‘directed’ traffic with his lights, switching from red, yellow to green when it was safe to cross the road. It was such a cool idea, we continued with the same traffic theme for our costumes as road signs with just cardboard, red and yellow rain ponchos, Velcro and reflector tape.

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