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Coolest Road Halloween Costume

I took the Road Halloween Costume to an adult theme with a story. When you go 4×4’ing you go with friends, so I have a convoy. There was an accident were a deer got hit and they had to put cones in the lane to move traffic. The bulldozer has the deer and there is a Fire truck and tow truck in case there is any more accidents. And of course the Police are late getting to the scene. The Police are on the top shirt behind traffic.

Making the costume:
I used yellow and white duct tape. Took the roll and with an exacto-knife to cut the roll on the edge to make the size road strips I needed.

Sewed on the cars with embroidery thread since it is stronger and I am only “tacking” the cars so I can take them off easily. I used a long piece of thread as a single thread (which is more than one thread, which is why I used embroidery thread) I wrapped the tread around one tire then made a stitch before moving to the other tires.

I made the cones by cutting off the tops of yellow “push-pins” and sprayed painted them orange. I attached them by using the plastic backs of other pins.

I sprayed painted a phone yellow and with a marker wrote down the side “911” I sewed a black elastic band for my upper arm and opened the phone’s ear piece and attached a tie-wrap thru the holes to be able to attach it to the elastic arm band. I pulled up the phone cord up to the tie-wrap before tighten it to the arm band.

I used a toy road cone for my head. Ran shoe string thru the holes on opposite corners and tied it under my chin.

I sewed in 3 snaps at the bottom of my shirt in front to connect to my pants and to keep the lines together.

Road Costume

Road Costume


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