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Last-Minute Road Trip Costume (Cheapest One I’ve Ever Taken!)

My old college roommate, who is the BIGGEST Halloween nut ever, was having a Halloween party. She had invited me weeks before, and by the time the date rolled around, I had completely forgotten to get a costume. Because of how obsessed she is with the holiday, I knew I would be forever shunned if I showed up in some lame zombie costume, or threw on some cat ears and called it a night. In a panic, I went to Walmart for supplies hoping inspiration would strike. While I was driving, the streets were completely deserted, and I noticed how boring roads can be… a tree here, a deer there, and that’s about it. Suddenly, IT HIT ME. I’ll be a ROAD! The simplicity was overwhelming! Once I arrived to Walmart I bought some duct tape, hot wheels, and yellow paper. Quickly I scurried home to put the pieces together!

I cut the yellow paper into a few long strips. Using a black dri fit shirt I already had, I just rolled some duct tape and taped two strips of the yellow paper down the middle. In hind sight, I should have just done one large piece, and colored the middle with sharpie, but I wasn’t thinking clearly! Next, I cut some white printer paper into strips, and repeated the same process about 5 inches out to the sides of the yellow strips. Using my printer at home, I printed out pictures of wildlife and trees, and taped those on as well. Lastly, I taped on the hot wheels, the crown jewel of my costume! Admittedly, the hot wheels had some trouble sticking, so I had to use A LOT of tape.

When I got to the party, what “I was supposed to be” was instantly recognizable to those around me, and was usually greeted with a chuckle and a comment about how clever and simple my costume was. When my friend saw me, she  was thrilled with my ingenuity! Within seconds though, I noticed she had disappeared…. Where did she go? Suddenly I see her running out of the garage carrying something large, long, and thin in her hands. I kid you not, IT WAS A ROAD SIGN. WITH MY NAME ON IT!! Elizabeth Street. I was SO EXCITED and demanded she give it to me to carry above my head the rest of the night. Although my arms were beyond tired by the end of the night, it was so worth it to have that cherry on top of my costume!

Last-Minute Road Trip Costume (Cheapest One I've Ever Taken!)

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