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Punny “Dirty Road” Costume

I didn’t want to be like everyone else, this was a for a festival in Pittsburgh with over 1000 unique beautiful people going. I knew there would be a ton of amazing crazy weird costumes (and there totally were!) So the thought just came to me when i was driving, I’ll be a Road. Different right? Who else would show up as a road?

I used an old “little black dress” and began to come up with road signs for it. That was the fun part. To make it “sexy” i decided to alter some road signs in Photoshop. A Stop sign….How about DONT STOP?! Route 69, Slippery When Wet, NO Speed Limit…and yes, on the back of my dress i had to put “Authorized Personnel Only”. I Printed the signs out on some fabric paper and ironed them on. I had to sew around them just to make sure they’d stay (because when i party, I party!) I got Velcro material to line the middle of the dress like the yellow lines on a road and white dashed lines on the bottom of the dress to add the finishing touch. Now what is a road without lights? The night before the party, I came across battery operated yellow  “Christmas lights” that i sewed on the bottom of the dress, which gave me a little extra glow and literally helped my friends find me when we got separated!! They blinked for most of the night. By sewing these in, i actually had a chance to add POCKETS for my belongings and i didn’t lose a thing that night!

When people asked what are you? “I’m just a Dirty Road” (Pun Intended!) I won $200 for “Most Original Costume”! This costume took me about 3 days to make and $20 for the supplies. A little work, but the surprise factor and peoples reactions to how different this was made the sewing and handy work so worth it! I had a great night!



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