My 2 yr old son is wearing the costume. He is obsessed with tractors! So when he told me he wanted to be a tractor for Halloween I was not surprised.

Items needed:

  • Three boxes(two large and one medium)
  • Green spray paint
  • Yellow duct tape
  • Black permanent marker
  • Black spray paint
  • Wrapping paper roll or mailing paper
  • Tape or glue/glue gun
  • Suspenders
  • Steering wheel(used from toy car kids outgrew)
  • Two puck style push lights/batteries
  • Rectangular piece of cardboard peeled apart to show rippled inside for front grill of tractor
  • Orange, yellow and red cardstock
  • Exacto knife

Cut out large box for shape of cab with windows, use red/orange cardstock to make triangle for back of tractor spray paint large box green and medium box green. Spray paint smoke stack(wrapping paper roll)black. Cut round hole in medium box, insert smoke stack, attach suspenders to large box, I wrapped mine in yellow duct tape. Cut hole to insert steering wheel. Attach puck lights to front of medium box- ones I used had a sticky tab for adhesion.

Strip of yellow duct tape on both sides- write John Deere in that area both sides. Hot glue the med box to front of large box. Use last large box to cut two big wheels and two smaller wheels. Spray paint black both sides. Hot glue large wheels to large box and small wheels to medium box. Cut four circles out of yellow cardstock to put in middle of wheels. Dressed son in overalls and boots and long sleeve t-shirt. Trick-Or-Treat!